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PGL Major Stockholm breaks records with over 2.7 million concurrent viewers*
NAVI win PGL Major Stockholm over G2; make history by going undefeated
Gotta eat my words, I said he'd never do it. Proved wrong. WD navi
NiKo: "I've lost so many games like this, especially on Inferno, so winning this one is something special"
+1 for link wd thx
G2 advance to PGL Major Stockholm grand final following victory over Heroic
heoric played well.. nexa in the bombsite.. they gave that round away and momentum shifted unfortunately. wd by g2 tho.
device's first six months in NIP
how many majors do zywoo or simple have? even if navi or vitality win this one, its 1. vs 4.
device's first six months in NIP
I respect device for his consistency. I cringe every time casters hype simple or zywoo. Literally.
PGL Major Stockholm viewer's guide
no jks =( feelsbad. a lot of australian talent out the window. sigh. hyped for the major tho!
ALEX: "mezii is an IGL's dream; he's an overall amazing player to glue a team"
Results over spin please. Fkn hell.
HUNDEN to serve two-year ban following ESIC investigation
Like.. what does it take to get someone permanently banned? Do they have to fart on an ESIC members cornflakes?
Complexity shut down G2 in EPL Group B
natospahnix and embarassing g2. name a more iconic duo.
Renegades withdraw from ESL Pro League S14
Are you fucking kidding me. Those liberal idiots that didn't get us enough vaccines and coasted on Murdoch media circle jerking are now effecting Aussies trying to give it a go in international cs? No...
Expert take: fnatic's international move (ft. YNk, launders, Pimp)
Being a leader is a hard, thankless job. That's not even including every hltv kiddie hating on you.
Expert take: fnatic's international move (ft. YNk, launders, Pimp)
Agree. These dudes shower too much to be csgo experts.