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EG or Liquid as best NA team?
cerqs only 2 events above a 1.1 rating were an esea cash cup and iem na LOLOLOLOL better than osee btw. even junior on furia with shit roles and a language barrier did better
EG or Liquid as best NA team?
0/8 brehze 1.00 rating, elige top 20 this year cerq cant even perform in na shox is still better than rush nitr0 is way better than stewie as an actual igl lmk when malek wins anything in his life LU...
EG or Liquid as best NA team?
yeah eg isnt even better than ES/col bruh, u have 0.98 rating awper who cant even perform in na, budget elige, and ironically rush and stew are the only players id say can play at a tier 1 lvl in thei...
EG or Liquid as best NA team?
do you seriously think washed up brehze and cerq + auti will be better than elige naf osee elige > brehze naf > auto osee > cerq shox > rush nitr0 = stewie adreN = malek malek couldnt get g2 to win ...
in vaLULrant w scream and nivera
Top 20 players 2021: 11th
Frozen vs EliGE
tldr: naf and elige played blast, ropz and frozen didn’t
Frozen vs EliGE
kscerato's 2 worst events were blast showdown and cs summit. tier 2 events LUL he had a 1.0+ rating at every other event besides those. way better than frozen
Frozen vs EliGE
frozens best events: cs summit 7 (tier 2) iem katowice play-in (LUL) fanatasyexpo spring cup (KEKW) snow sweet snow (matchfixing tier 3 event) flashpoint 3 closed qualifier flashpoint eu (ok) major (...
Vitality Esports Director: "When this team starts winning, we will win for a long, long time"
he signed w faze over g2 LMAO
Karambit or M9
i understand salaries in brazil are not that great, you guys can barely afford food and internet let alone a nice knife cope harder
Karambit or M9
just check his flag
ez roster by carlos
nexa manages to frag worse than boombl4 w rifles while boombl4 uses mp9 50% of the time 0/8
Broky #20
1. vp flukes an event every few months. as shown by their finals run to katowice and winning pinnacle fall series. lets be real, vps lan results are worse than liquids lmfao 2. ever since sanji left, ...