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Just a normal esport fan from a little country called Liechtenstein.
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Virtus.pro vs fnatic
Well, you've just told me about it. But looks like it's a mystery that even you can't solve. Have a nice evening though.
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
To be honest, this might go pretty unpredictable and both teams can win but personally, I stand with Faze.
BIG vs Virtus.pro
Unfortunately ez for BIG. It's a pity that VP will most likely fall on 50+ place in the ranking... But who knows, maybe i'm wrong
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
Then why are you even using and commenting on this site? It doesn't make any sense dude
Virtus.pro vs GamerLegion
I mean, it would be nice to not disappoint again, VP.
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
Let me guess, it's becouse they've beaten your favourite team many times?
SMASH vs mousesports
truth is bullying NA LUL
SMASH vs mousesports
I mean, i know we are now living in times when every uncomfortable truth is "bullying" or more professional "hate speech" but hey, you were the one who made a very pitiful joke about some guy's nickna...
SMASH vs mousesports
You are talking about things like moon landing but you haven't achived anything by yourself. Let me guess, you are still dependent on your parents and spending hours on talking bullshit on the interne...
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
Damn, looks like y'all are new to this game and don't know what kind surprises can some teams make.
SMASH vs mousesports
That's a garbage comparison m8
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
It would be so damn good if VP will win this. And I truly belive they can if they try. If Michu will keep his playing style for the whole game, I can see a chance.
FaZe vs Liquid
This will be a tough game, but I really hope Faze will win it. EZ4FAZE
AVANGAR vs Tricked
It's 3 now
SMASH vs mousesports
Lmao now I can imagine little fat kid eating burger laughing at his own comment xD