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5 facts you should know about blameF:

1) From t4 org player to top-5 team IGL in 900 days (29.03.2018 -> 14.09.2020). Mindblowing development.

2) Made a top-5 upset in CS:GO history at his first ever LAN match for Juggernaut. (BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020 vs. Astralis; according to Thorin).

3) Absolute champion of BLAST Premier Spring 2020 EU Finals. Best rifler, best IGL & best player of the tournament.

4) His working ethic is phenomenal. He plays 10 hrs per day and watches demos or streams after it. Alongside keita, he uploaded 5% of all demos ever been in ESEA Refrag

5) First IGL ever to be higher than any of his teammates at HLTV Top-20
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