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5 facts you should know about godF:

1) From t4 org player to top-5 team IGL in 900 days (29.03.2018 -> 14.09.2020). Mindblowing development.

2) Made a top-5 upset in CS:GO history at his first ever LAN match for Juggernaut. (BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020 vs. Astralis; according to Thorin).

3) Absolute champion of BLAST Premier Spring 2020 EU Finals. Best rifler, best IGL & best player of the tournament.

4) His working ethic is phenomenal. He plays 10 hrs per day and watches demos or streams after it. Alongside keita, he uploaded 5% of all demos ever been in ESEA Refrag

5) He will flank you even when you trying to flank him. You never expect him. You never clear his position. He's one step ahead of you.
Myths about godF:

1) "blameF is a baiter". Killing rotations and outsmarting your opponents with 200iq flanks and without better weaponary all the time is nowhere close to "baiting". Also he likes to play close positions and attract enemies' attention when needed.

2) "blameF is an individualist". But it's OK when you entrust the most responsible work to the most dedicated worker?

3) "blameF is a good fragger but bad IGL". He enjoys watching tons of demos and preparing for opponents. He could destroy them with smile on his face. blameF was thrown into a random mix of very ambitious & complicated people and he made them winning trophies together.

4) "blameF is onliner". ESL One Cologne 2019, IEM Chicago 2019, Blast Premier London 2020, check it out newfags

Also I support MAD Lions.

Sjuush deserves a t1 team, Rainwaker deserves a t2 team, hampus deserves recognition.

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