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Your opinion mens
Literally this should be the only thing people should focus on like in big time, don’t u think?
Your opinion mens
Yeah, but if the whole world agrees to it, wouldn’t it be a greatest achievement in human history?
Your opinion mens
Don’t u think that is a great problem in the world then? I think it’s stupid to tear appart world what was ment for us to live not to fight and kill each other for money which is a tool to control gra...
Latvia losing to Lithuania
You seem hyped about leaving NATO, so why u dont just do it? Go for it, make campaign, and leave, we will be alright don’t worry, we don’t need you :)
Your opinion mens
Thats sad u know, you should fight for peace instead oil
China Virus
Knowing how close russia is with china I think they were really one step ahead, not taking risk while europe chokes on its own dick is smart, same with murica, now I can sit back and look how this vir...
Latvia losing to Lithuania
Lmao who cars man, you can leave :) bye bye
China Virus
No trick they are simply one step ahead of everyone, smart from russia, now Murica is getting buttfucked wp russia
USA healthcare
Who gives a shit about tech when u let 17yr old die just because he has no health insurance, where is your advanced country? Also u stated that this country was built on tech innovation? I think you ...
Tactical timeout
Ohh okey, I thought this was something random ESL came up with, thanks for the answer now I can go to sleep peacefully
Why men((
Very helpful guys!
+18 rate this brazilian girl
Take off the makeup and u get a female monkey
All are religious
I knows god doesnt exist
Corona thread
I still need to work :((((