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Liquid vs FURIA
This roster is not working. No way Liquid doesn't make a change after this. Right..? Right!??
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
Why does everyone think its fixed? Any actual evidence?
He is referring to his rank as number 6 in 2019
Trump was right?
Imagine hating Trumps so much you gloat over the disease and possible death of 100k people
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
100 Thieves vs Swole Patrol
JKS just join liquid already
Liquid vs MIBR
Both delusional.
He looks really unhappy in all the streams ive seen of him this tournament. Hope he goes to Liquid LOL
FaZe vs Liquid
How many games is liquid gonna let stewie throw before replacing him?? Literally any decent awper and liquid win this game.
Nope. I am 24 now, life has never been better. I have money to pursue my interests. Sex is easy to get unlike when I was a teenager. Not stupid and emotional about everything like when I was going thr...
your current SENSE
800 DPI, .75 sens. Its very low for some I guess
Steam avatars
what about food avatar?
“But he has more kills than you”
Sounds like you are toxic to your teammates, why would they even feel like they have to say something like that to you? It's MM, not pro CS. If your teammate gets 1-2 kills before dying and does not j...
Zywoo is too overrated
I realized this was bait as soon as you said twistzz was better than Zywoo, and I'm a liquid fan. Do you even watch the games? Twistzz is not even the top player on liquid btw.
Iran wants war?
This is bait.