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new cpu mobo combo
from the benchmarks i saw, amd outperforms intel by a lot in terms of utilities (non gaming processing tasks), but in terms of game processing intel is still quite good. for example: the ryzen 5 5600x...
new cpu mobo combo
then you surely don't mind me suggesting something other than the ryzen 5 ;)
new cpu mobo combo
i just wanted to add my 2 cents, also suggesting a motherboard that supports the cpu. as i think it's the best option for the guy asking, i wanted to mention the 10400f once more, because most people ...
new cpu mobo combo
of course this is only my opinion. amd with their newest gen cpus are better than what intel is offering, however in the gaming department they are more or less on the same level still. best bang for ...
yea, neL is a pretty reliable source when it comes to the french scene
i can fix coL
impossible, astralis is already farming all the danish talents
that's why mousesports (and to some extent faze and vitality) have made the right choice to pick up young players like ropz and frozen (in faze and vitality broky, zywoo). this way they get used to pl...
Cigarettes ????????????????????
stay strong my brudda, its all about the mental fortitude
I r8 your awp skin)
i bought the skin on the market and applied the sticker myself
I r8 your awp skin) not an IMT fan, i just like how the colour of the sticker goes with the rest of the gun
thank you
ChrisJ cheater?
chrisj best player
Fnatic vs Mouz Bo5 Question
Fnatic vs Mouz Bo5 Question
eu playoffs dont have a lower bracket so i dont think theres a map advantage for fnatic. their "advantage" to finish top of 2nd group stage was to skip a semi final and go straight to the grand final....