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Weebs solution
but I don’t want them to die, I want to protect them from the evil real world that they aren’t prepared to live in.
Where to work?
but Hitman is bald mens(((
Where to work?
I heard that there is a lot of big people named Martin in Zeeland, is it true?
Being a defender do not require nearly the same skill as striker, specially doing the things Messi does(playmaking+striking). That’s why the kids that have zero skill are always picked to be defenders...
[+18] My friend is taking drugs
Try to show Jesus to him, offer love and comprehension, as this is most likely what is missing in his life that made he turn to drugs. Hope the best for both of you, God Bless you, my friend.
Astralis=super boring
Astralis=super boring
Quite hilarious all The Pleb Nerd Rage about Astralis ... They are near perfect ambassadors for this game; They are mostly humble and don’t do alot of trask-talk They play this game close to per...
Astralis=super boring
I’ve Lucid Dreams mens(( and I still see your shadow in my room :()
But you can’t count on just achievements, yes Van Djik surpassed Messi in achievements, but Leo numbers were just the best at everything, best player in the UCL and Lá Liga by far
Dev1ce top 1?
KennyS had zero achievements and wasn’t NEARLY as dominant as s1mple, this guy alone would win entire tourneaments for Na’vi, KennyS was pretty good, but 2018’s s1mple was just a monster different to ...
Dev1ce top 1?
if he gets 1 more MVP he becomes the top 1 100%
Astralis=super boring
Why so mad? Ez report for you, evil finland
Astralis=super boring
who cars about competitive cs, I just want to see ENCE being top 1 and shrek dropping 50 bomb at Astralis in a map
Astralis=super boring
I don’t think they’re boring winning wise or shit, but they’re all plain personality and without any individual trait. The only one with the minimum of personality is gla1ve, but he looks so dumb and ...
Messi and modric