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I learned the CS at age of 17th first played 1.6 then source but at age 22 i played CSGO in steam online after that i learned so many things about this amazing game and today i want to thank some of the pro player of the CSGO who I always want to remember in my entire life so m going to write their name here with their nickname by caster:

1. Lannister send their regards ‘pashabiceps’
2. Golden Five legend ‘Neo’
3. One tap God ‘Scream’
4. God with awp ‘KennyS’
5. ‘Forest’ like a freaking mersai
6. The Swedish Veteran ‘GeT_Right’
7. Get Rekt by ‘Shroud’
8. CSGO's daddy ‘Skadoddle’
9. One man one beast ‘Coldzera’
10. Banana is his home ‘Friberg’
11. Captain of brazil ‘Fallen’
12. Clutemiester ‘Xyp9x’
13. Dream of CSGO ‘Device’
14. Game on another level ‘S1mple’
15. Wolf of Wall street ‘ChrisJ’
16. God of sneaky plays ‘Snax’
17. WonderChild ‘JW’
18. What's the god name for that from ‘Draken’
19. ‘Nex’ is a full of sex
20. Young John ‘Elige’
21. 6 K from ‘stewi2k’
22. Its God be, no its ‘Gob b’
23. Angle with awp ‘Gaurdian’
24. ‘Brollan’ is not a kid anymore
25. Devils strike and ‘TaZ' tie
26. Oh my God! Its ‘hiko’
27. ‘snatchie’ the Assassin
28. ‘byali’ says welcome to Apocalypse
29. Where this kid come from 'ottoNd'
30. ‘NAF-FLY’ a human Shredder
31. ‘OlofMister’ an absolute dream
32. King of content ‘tarik’
33. ‘stanislaw’ king of unprediction
34. ‘jks' a Oceanic terminator
35. ‘zeus ’ god himself come to aid
36. ‘Nifty’ show some magic
37. His spider thing is tingling ‘zellesis’
38. ‘shox’ keeps the dream alive
39. Bulgarian bulldozer ‘Cerq’
40. North American Magicsiun ‘TwisT’
41. The tank himself ‘rpk’
42. ‘Apex’ a predator

If i miss anyone then please Dm me i will add!