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You should think long and hard why his face annoys you so much. Who knows you may learn something from yourself, because it's you with the problem.
how do you miss those shots twits???
Singularity vs ATK
are there two different singularity teams? their line up vs Cloud9 is completely different 5 players.
Nemiga vs CR4ZY
yeah its mds, although i wonder if robo is gonna play in this one or the new add in spellfull? Spellfull has played alright the last two matches though.
AGO vs Phoenix
why tba? where juanflatroo?
Renegades vs ATK
im tempted to give one map for ATK but they are not looking as strong as couple of weeks back. Vs mibr and sharks they looked very sharp if they can bring that here..
FURIA vs Cloud9
3 maps
Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9
EG 2-0 they spite C9 by giving maps to eunited and complexity but not to c9.
Illuminar vs Virtus.pro
if it was that bad wouldnt they use stand in?
eUnited vs INTZ
INTZ have slowly bettered their game after losing kngv, but they havent played any tough opponents since ATK. Eunited seem to have come prepared for ESL when they took a map off of EG and beat C9 2-1 ...
Sharks vs Ben's Anime Team
nice result by anime beating ATK 3 - 1. However I would consider that an upset. Can they do another upset beating Sharks? Mentally it might be difficult to gather steam after a huge success when the n...
Illuminar vs Virtus.pro
hard to call this one, probably 3 maps
Aristocracy vs HAVU
aristocracy pick nuke??
Aristocracy vs HAVU
+2,5 maps?
Virtus.pro vs SMASH
VP tier1?