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3 days ip: +1 that always works
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3 days: k1to did nothing wrong
1 day: Expected from Swedistan lul (I agree in some points but I don't want to lose the hltv forums)
3 days: +1 I like to say USA is a third world country
1 day: Wtf is that group? What kind of monkey made the seedings?
3 days: According to some users, only iOS users (aka low iq) have this problem because they use different apostrophe
1 day: I could become your good boy maybe...

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you are currently banned for troll 'I could become your good boy maybe...' remarks.

Ultimately, this will lead for your account to end up permanently locked due to its extensive ban history.

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(Sadly thread couldn't be recovered in web archive)

I woke up, Jonathan was still asleep, so I tried not to make noise. I checked my phone. It was 5:30 , I hadn't slept much, but that was better for me. I had to be at my hotel early, it was our last day in Sevilla and I had to prepare my bag.

We would go to the airport just after having lunch, which meant I would not be able to see Jonathan again. I wanted to say goodbye, but I didn't want to wake him up so I just left a note in a table telling him how happy I had been during my time with him, and that I wished we could meet again one day.

I got dressed and I quietly started leaving the room. I looked at Jonathan one last time with mixed feelings and I finally closed the door.

I went to my hotel. I didn't want to believe that it could have been my last day with him. I prepared everything and I went down at 7:00 to have breakfast with the others. Nobody had realised that I had been out all night, I wasn't in trouble, but I couldn't stop thinking about Jonathan. Did he had the same feelings for me that I had for him? Had I been just a fun adventure during his travel or would he want to see me again?

Time passed really quickly, we had to leave the hotel. Everyone started gathering and making groups, but I felt I'd rather to be alone. I tried to text Jonathan, but he didn't reply. We had gone to bed really late, so maybe he was still sleeping.

Time went by as I was walking through the beautiful streets of Sevilla, and I decided to find a restaurant to eat something before leaving the city.

When I was finished, I reunited with the others in the meeting point. Everybody got in the bus and again I decided to sit alone. We reached the airport and passed the control, now we just had to wait until we got into the flight. I kept thinking about Jonathan, he hadn't replied yet. He had to be sleeping. I had seen the passion in his eyes. It had been a short time, but I knew he wouldn't forget it, it was impossible.

We finally got into the plane, I was sitting next to a stranger and a girl from other class I had never really talked to. I put my phone in flight mode, so there was no point in waiting for a reply anymore. We finally started flying to Mallorca, I tried to distract myself in the plane playing Geometry Dash, but I eventually started thinking about Jonathan again. Maybe I had been blinded by my love and I had misunderstood the signs, but it seemed pretty clear to me that he had to love me too. I knew that as soon as we arrived to the airport and I had internet connection again I would get a reply.

We finally arrived. I instantly turned off flight mode, but nothing happened. My parents picked me up at the airport and brought me home. I could not stop checking my phone. Nothing. But I wouldn't give up so easily.
(To be continued)
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