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cadiaN on Astralis matchup: "The winner is going to have bragging rights for months, maybe years"
Amazing how quite a few people understood what Cadian is trying to do with this interview. Saying the match winner will have bragging rights for months or years, (though it's a little extra and nauseo...
hampus: "In some tight situations es3tag doesn't really understand us sometimes"
Interesting and sad to see dev1ce with his career low rating this year. Only around 1.125.
IEM Fall Europe: Six Major spots left, eight teams in the running
Let's go Astralis.....let's win this tournament
Bubzkji: "I can't be a one-trick pony; I need to learn harder roles as well"
dont want to accept it myself but xyp is most probably going to be benched if glave is back in time for major........ hard to see astralis fall apart piece by piece... after xyp magisk and zonic see...
NIP vs Liquid
remove stewie2k add obo asap liquid.
Astralis vs Spirit
oh ok thx
Astralis vs Spirit
yet they played much better and gave super tough competition and even won so many teams in last event. so, kicking out any player will create an atmosphere of uncertainty and have negative impact on i...
Astralis vs Spirit
Can someone please explain why are every team playing just 4 matches each when there are 6 teams in a group? Shouldn't it be 5 matches each????
Astralis vs Heroic
well it was an excellent game bro.
forZe vs Akuma
hahahahahahahaha who were they trash idiots. lol how could they defend akuma hahahahahaha
I hate every map except mirage cuz I have a super low end potato pc😭😭😭
Vitality sign Kyojin
What next.
Astralis vs MOUZ
Top 20 players of 2020: NiKo (4)
are u really this thick?? He is already in top 3. come on
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
Elige did not deserve #8. 10 out of 15 events they attended were against against tier 2 noobs of NA (EG, Furia and, 100 thieves if u wish, were the only top tier teams). So, 67% of his achievements we...