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real top10
Apparently Boombl4 is IGL on all maps now. Or so he said in an interview on DH Masters.
real top10
+1 except -NaVi. Gambit & Heroic are in a league of their own at the moment. I think the rest of the top 20 are pretty evenly matched right now, and can win against any of the other teams so results s...
Going to Finland
Idk man I just sit at home and play CS. I think this is wrong forum to ask what to do outside.
I actually like the ESL minimap more. I prefer having the player numbers over the faces since when there are many players near each other it can be hard to see since the face icons are quite large. It...
That is how they work as a duo, it's like that by design. Scrawny is the play by play caster and Launders is there more as an analyst.
Jimpphat VAC
No they can't. RMR tournaments are still Valve sponsored tournaments. Chaos had to replace steel to play in the RMR events last year because he was banned from Valve sponsored events.
Brasil "-junior"
Yeah it seems that Junior is just super uncomfortable in and unfamiliar with the positions he plays. It's possible that he can adapt but that will take a lot of time.
Brasil "-junior"
He didn't see ur flag I guess and thought you were generic hltv forum user so he assumed u were toxic.
Yeah, both teams were super consistent throughout the tournament. Like both teams 5-0 in groups and won their play in matches so it should be good final.
Team SPUNJ vs Team YNk
Probably because he hasn't been blocked by all of them yet.