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NiKo will destroy Natus Vincere
Niko still tiltning from losing vs Astralis ... Navi wins ;-)
G2 want s1mple
And how Will Niko’s huge (and frail) ego fare, if Simple (ever Will) join G2 ? Most likely Niko would have a melt-Down ... - Simple is a much bigger Star (and better player) than Niko Will ever be ......
Niko or dev1ce?
So many Nerds forget (or never knew ?) that Device wasn’t an AWP’er to start with ... - Device was actually a very good rifler, and still is ... It’s far “easier” to contain Niko than Device ...
Niko or dev1ce?
Salty ? lol Child, please Just because people don’t agree with you, you start getting personal ? Pot meet Kettle ... You Seem to be The “salty” one lol As I Said ... keep Living in your moms base...
Niko or dev1ce?
Niko is far away from being “well-rounded” lol You mis-take and mis-interpret mechanical skill as being equal to “in-game” skill ... - like most (ignorant, naive) Raging Nerds ... Like alot of other...
Niko or dev1ce?
Many (ignorant and) naive Nerds completely lose sight of simple facts; Niko, pretty much, Can only play in “one Way” ..., Whereas Device is able to play multiple roles. Device, as a player, is much...
2 stands out for me so far; VP vs Astralis (Atlanta 2017) - Most Epic “meltdown/choke” vs “Greatest” Comeback so far Navi vs Astralis (ESL ProLeague Finals Season 12)
zywOo > s1mple (no b8)
This year, Simple > Zywoo
astralis boring team
When The first CS mod came to Half-Life, socalled “Experts” predicted it would be short-lived ... 10 years later, Experts still claimed it had run its course and would be replaced ... Now, more than...
Predicting Rio Major!!!
Thanks for The Best joke of 2021 ... - so far ... LOL
Predicting Rio Major!!!
This will age like milk ... hah
Predicting Rio Major!!!
Astralis don’t concede maps when in playoffs ... LOL
Teams that will do well this year
Improve/surprise: Faze VP Cloud9 Liquid “Fall off”/Under-perform G2 Big EG OG - And (dis)honourable mention; Navi