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#11 NaVi
Imagine thinking "better" flame is winning an argument xD Nobody cares what you actually say, especially me. There is only one thing to say that makes you lose: https://static.hltv.org/images/bigfla...
Asian girls overrated
Uhmm? Sound very gay. And not the "meme" way of gay. I mean really gay. Are you sure ur not into guys?
Asian girls overrated
"Women under 170cm are child in my eyes" Lmao that's the most virgin thing i've read all day long on HLTV.
Was just gonna write this. It's actually so cringe, i guess someday these kids will realize
Pansy cast major
Yes, i miss her. She was good. Only insecure virgin kids flaming her.
teams you like to see losing
Actually i'm a fan of Swedish CS. If Fnatic didn't make it i would always cheer for NiP to atleast make it before. But when NiP was good all the 12yo NiP fanboys was the worst.
teams you like to see losing
You forgot NiP fangirls
zywoo and s1mple
Hahah such a cute little salty CIS fangirl. Fnatic > Na'vi now, Fnatic > Na'Vi always. Imagine having the #1 & #3 players in the world and leave in groups every tournament xdddd
zywoo and s1mple
So if Fnatic only won a tier 2 tournament and still far ahead of navi that means navi is total trash? CIS logics
zywoo and s1mple
https://gyazo.com/b48ecd2c7d0357a9edba110571ad1485 ???
most useless users
"fun" was years ago when you could actually have a decent conversation in here dispite flag/nationality about E-sports/other things. 15 year olds that get bullied in school and need to get their ange...
zywoo and s1mple
Aha cool story. How many majors did s1mple or Na'Vi win?
RED Canids vs paiN
No, but i do have something you don't have anymore. Money.
RED Canids vs paiN
Down syndrom?