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Ropz & Frozen - Cheaters
Not at all, it was well played by Mouse, they obviously deserved the win. But it's simply upsetting to just watch Mousesports play with no strategic depth (they're literally just walking into bombsite...
10000$ on astralis
i won £330 :P was fun betting against you, was a close series. Should've been a 2-0 if you ask me, since they were in a 5v3 while being 14-13 up in map 1, and would've been against a horrible buy if t...
Ruiz Jr vs Josuha 2
Need another link guys :/ both of mine are laggy asf
300€ on Na'Vi
i'm gonna put £300 on Fnatic in that case, gl us both.
2000$ on liquid
Hope you win. When I did something like that (£1000 on Astralis vs Liquid ECS finals), Liquid won the first map, had an 11-7 lead on the 2nd map and just lost every round for the rest of the series. T...
top 20 prediction
Quite a solid list, Twistzz should be a few points lower though; his form as dropped off quite considerably.
London Terror Attack
Terrorist's name was Usman Khan, he appears to be Muslim and Isis even claimed responsibility; but then again they claim responsibility on everything. However the attack he carried out was at same tim...
Gla1ve AMA
How bizarre is it that whenever you guys play you're always getting the timings and constantly choosing the right bombsites and checking the right angles EVERY round. It's simply impossible to make th...
imagine pointing out human flaws that are out of their control, grow up tbh
Astralis 16-14 luck begins...
Wym luck? 100T won enough eco rounds and sloppy rounds that they never should have. Astralis were out reading them and it never should've been that close.
KSI Rigged Fight?
How? Ksi won by split decision by 1 point. if you add on those 2 deducted points for logans, then he would've won by 1 point. Or if you judge if fairly and only deduct 1 point, then it's a draw
KSI Rigged Fight?
Pretty sure 99% of the people on this forum watched the fight for free. We're not that stupid
KSI Rigged Fight?
with 1 point it would've been a draw
As I said, the -2 point deduction was unjustified. No warning whatsoever, a light nudge and -2 points. wtf ref? Also ksi was gassed out and got a 5 minute breather, nice referee :P
Last round was not won by ksi, it was 10-9 to logan on all 3 score cards. You can check online theyre posted.