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Same "non-astralis" team if es3tag wasn't astralis?
North vs Sprout
Would love for a german team to take the next step (top 5-10, maybe even higher) - Germans getting hyped about CS would do so mutch for the "sport".
Danes come here #12
Lejlighed is also used, when you plan something ahead, or waits to do something to the right moment comes around. When you need to find the favorable time to do something - you can talk about finding ...
Astralis vs mousesports
U know they just won in USA last week right?
Astralis vs mousesports
Astralis is danish, danes cheer for Astralis. If a danish sport team met a german sport team, it would be the same, no matter how many danes there is on the team
Astralis vs mousesports
Of cause danes don’t cheer german org
Easy or not
Sorry but you will loose money.
TOP 1 2020
she was looking
I will fix any team
r8 Swedish girl This is what ticks me atm.
my flag scare you?
Am i the only one who doesn't get this question?
well maybe you should care about the future of this game then :)
Really can't understand your need to look down on what other people find happiness in - Just enjoy your hobby man. And just out of curiosity - How do you know what is was like in the old days, when yo...
"I've liked Astralis since ever, so i am so much better than everyone else - kids don't understand shit and should not speak about CS blablabla..." Well you arrogant norwegian geek, those kids are the...
Astralis fans delusional?
Don't think anybody is denying Astralis isn't at their best at the moment