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eSuba vs Beyond Possible
jesus v1c7or what happened to this trash. Remember e-frag.net/windigo days hahaha. Some shit countries are just not meant for pro cs
9INE announce new Polish roster
hahaha retarded kid, my name is jacob btw. U autistic polish toilet cleaner? Do u want to get paid a week to clean my toilets? Might aswell clean my shit while u at it gypsy
9INE announce new Polish roster
lmfao. Does it tilt u that i talk crap about your country? Im a dane and im a 100% one. I rather be a danish guy then a freaking polak gypsy toilet cleaner. Can u imagine being called a "polak" 24/7 c...
Matchmaking ranks recalibrated following update
They have had plenty of time to fix the ranking system, trust me. Ever since they made the game free to play, they absolutely bottled the game. Cheaters and shit coming on and valve are "trying" to do...
Matchmaking ranks recalibrated following update
what is this pathetic noncare update. Who the fk takes MM seriously. Make some new active competitive maps for faceit, funny operations or just put your overall focuses on the freaking source 2 engine...
BIG send clear message to murmurs as tabseN and gob b extend deals until 2027
man i really wanted tabseN to be a IGL on g2. I really think that it would fit, especially because he's good friends with egoistic NiKo & m0NESY, so the 1 thing they lacked with aleksib was chemistry ...
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
rain was the MVP at nuke at the major and now twistzz DONT COMPARE FAZE TO #2!
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
what a grand final just like the major both teams this time win their own map pick and then their opponents. Tells alot about both teams. Lets go!
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
he was just bad on t side
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
imagine blaming perfecto like faze went B every round lol. If u play anchor on B, how are u supposed to get kills if they execute A every single round lol. People are actually this low IQ
0to100 vs X
who asks this. Just be happy he does, hes a beast and him being standin is automatic win for them
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
Ropz has never been an intelligent player. Never in mousesports and he has shown this now in FaZe with events of him being in 1v1's where he make some kind of stupid decision where he thinks he got it...
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
god im tired of machine already xd. For the love of god just give us anders and someone else, that doesnt even matter. Machine should be sticking with his dota 2 desk mates. SPUNJ doesnt deserve him
FaZe vs Movistar Riders
ITS SO SAD TO WATCH MOVISTAR THROW ALL ADVANTAGE ROUNDS AWAY ON ANCIENT AND NOW NUKE. Its clear that they are nervous af against faze and the crowd. Its so sad at the same time tho
FaZe vs Movistar Riders
i really want movistar to win. Get the cs scene more bride with new comeback teams and riders in top 10 to compete more events for a spanish shine. I want to watch this match 100% but i need riders to...
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