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100PG vs AGF
chill kid, they win the map
1WIN vs 100PG
Who the hell is this caster?
Fiend vs MAD Lions
They were litterally throwing. Pushing mid and trying to finish the rounds in 30 sec. Obviously they wanted Fiend to win fast because of gambit vs fiend, look at their throw buys constantly and not a ...
I really want to see SKADE compete in tier 1 already just to see what they've got. They litterally have been performing better and better, since shipz arrival. They had a 15+ winstreak even before han...
EC Brugge vs Lemondogs
so the idiots just get free B ramp, gets 1 pick, in post plant and somehow they lose instantly like wtf are they doing!?
Heroic vs FURIA
Heroic vs FURIA
idiots are getting 9-6 halfs, litterally good leads and somehow they play like crap 2nd half. It will be the same scenario. They can only do impact with awp, without it they are screwed
Heroic vs FURIA
if only this crap american junior would have actually played well on mirage, atleast average and they would have won it. What a disgrace. They need saffee
Heroic vs FURIA
its 5-0 furia, lets go to train already! :)
HAVU vs ex-Winstrike
what is jemi's role in HAVU? I dont feel like this guy is to be reliable on? Not that impactfull as he should be since he got picked up by SJ shitgaming.
HAVU vs ex-Winstrike
why would they not pick nuke? Does your iq work? Take a look at their win percentage on the map, they lost 16-14 last time on the same map, but surely they pracced it to pick it again. Shows how newbi...
HAVU vs ex-Winstrike
can HAVU win map 2?
Triumph vs Mythic
can mythic win this? I feel like they will surprise this time
fnatic vs Wisla Krakow
They lost eco again hahahahahahahahha WISLA BETTORS IS RAGING!
Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas
its not over retard?