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Is SSP not a better team? They fought well actually against sprout. They even won against Rhein Neckar. I dont see why this NLG is favorites, especially with the shitshow from yesterday
Lyngby Vikings vs Project X
who evens bets on Lyngby, these idiots has been shit for months, they are not a consistent team. What did you expect? xd Project X has more skilled aimers individually and w0nderful kid is toxic, yet...
Lyngby Vikings vs Project X
Now where are all those crying bots who talks about LV script for 2-1? You guys are a bunch of retards blaming on odds 24/7. The better team is ofc project X lol GJ NOOBS
Mythic vs Yeah
no? Its a girl wtf xd, u havent seen her streams?? Check her name
Mythic vs Yeah
*she loses* xd
FURIA vs Isurus
Thanks to csgoempire, i legit got 9.25x odds on Isurus winning this game, now i only have to pray!
FURIA vs Evil Geniuses
can FURIA win this series??
FURIA vs Evil Geniuses
its the old patch right, so they are able to play kriegs or is it the new one?
Astralis vs mousesports
This guy went with mouz AND furia haha You've already lost them mate - should have donated
SKADE vs Sprout
can SKADE win this?
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
who win?
Gambit Youngsters vs Virtus.pro
How's it a bad veto for gmb? xd
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
Shouldn't liquid win here? EG has just lost their coach + Liquid would have won 2-0 last time if they didn't throw dust2 so hard. Aint they overall better?
Virtus.pro vs Nordavind
Nordavind can win this lol Virtus.pro like they give a damn
Japaleno vs Sprout
free bomb site xd cheers