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Woxic was released ages ago, he was last playing valorant with issaa I think
lmbt is supposedly with flusha/sunny and if they've signed with an org he'll already be under buyout I agree that tactics of NaVi is the issue but electronic is also struggling rn and could become a ...
It's been over a year and even though he has looked decent still I think it's been too long for him to come back now
Electronic and s1mple are your brand basically, s1mple seems to like Perfecto and B1T just got promoted to starting 5 If they make any changes at all it will be to Boomi4 or B1T
csgo 360 lacking one thing
K/D, adr, proficiency with each weapon, I think heat maps for wm and comp matches It also shows if the stats are better than most, such as k/d it will say is better than 80% and so on The latter is ...
Your daily reminder...
IF $5 SUB 128 TICK
It sucks for more than that No 128 tick, no proper AC, no search by languages, cheaters cant be kicked if queued with even just +1, no ability to easily record CSGO games anymore and a shitty demo vi...
+1 smaller TO's will be climbing to use it first to get that small viewer boost if a semi-popular team picks it so likely it will appear in an event very soon if you pay close attention
Roster Problems
The longer EG struggle the more depressed Cerq and Brehze look, if Stan doesn't go soon then this team will collapse and just be more decent players on the free agents list that never gets picked up ...
They go against Vitality so its pretty possible they win there, they look deflated and unless ZyWoO shows up it's not going to be a pretty sight
Karambit or Butterfly.
Karambit is better with gloves like moto and for people who dont care so much about ADHD animations like the bfk Bfk is for people that cant stop fidgiting and have gloves that are more standard or f...
why valve?
China has a terrible match-fixing problem that isnt addressed because a) its China and b) Asian CS is so closed off from the rest of the world right now