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Source 2 for CS:GO
You're 100% right but valve don't seem to have ambition for making better maps/modes, retakes is a lazy copy of community servers and guardian is a poorly designed mess and ancient is a very bland map...
Source 2 for CS:GO
I mean anything from Valve is a lot to ask, they can tell when someone is spin defusing the bomb in real time yet havent bothered to add telling when someone is 360 every 0.2 seconds and acing At th...
Source 2 for CS:GO
More people would be pissed than happy if none of their skins transferred, and would probably stop spending money on skins in the new version
Source 2 for CS:GO
You pay for the game why should you have to use a 3rd party for decent mm? Half the reason these platforms even exist is because valve can't be bothered integrating a ladder, getting a proper anti ch...
Source 2 for CS:GO
Its a 4-man lazy team working on a poorly coded game with no one else on valve seemingly giving a shit It might as well be impossible for them, even if it isn't they'd find a way to fuck it up like t...
Luckiest win ever?
bruh there was nothing lucky about that game, NaVi just threw it hard on Dust2, allu wasnt doing anything yet they somehow always got in a position where x7 just fucked them in the late-rounds
Ok but why you post this here? Hope they reconsider seems pretty stupid he doesn't play well anymore and his igling was never really amazing
AUG is back???
yea lots of people have used it since, i think its happened at the same time some people swapped to the a1-s for the price, realised the RoF didnt make much of a difference and then decided to use the...
Liquid Biggest Brain
individually good but tactics wise not so much, there has to be a reason they were losing to so many low tier teams and it cant really be down to individual skill with kng, trk and fallen on the roste...
AUG is back???
yea kjaerbye was using it in iem new york, Aleksi picked it back up sometime around there alongside NBK and Valde i think and s1mple started using it at the BLAST groups
AUG is back???
nah aug was becoming more popular towards the end of the year
Blast stream chat
dont worry at least you get your twitch-mandated pogchamp of the day just to push some more diversity that isnt needed
New ENCE lineup
that would more or less just make them c0ntact and they havent done anything since snappi joined Even still the lineup they are going with is basically c0ntact + 2 and Espi at his best probably bett...
Ence new roster leaked
Feel like people are really over hyping the new 3 they all achieved nothing in contact and had a higher ranking with emi and letni than snappi
No one actually knows because allu denies it, aleksib has no idea what happened and the org never bothered giving a good explanation