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Tbf they don't have much choice if others are rejecting them
EU vs Amazon
Except it does work in the EU tho, basically every single major EU/Western state has huge lobbyists, especially England for example EU governments aren't infallible, it's that EU citizens don't put u...
EU vs Amazon
You can be guaranteed Amazon has already started lobbying or spending to stop this sort of stuff tho
Idea for valve
Literally none of these studios care for their games, they treat them like Valve treats CS and DotA - endless cash cows
FPX not invited
IEM Summer they beat Astralis and lost to G2/coL as their last event, I dont even think that they have played the last few RMR events Not the worst teams to lose to but still kinda underwhelming, I ...
youtube in particular ye 100%, what could be 2m videos are dragged to 10m for ads and theres supposedly not much promotion of longer videos anymore
FPX not invited
The events OG/BIG played in were different tho, BIG plays ESEA for some reason and their national league, both BIG and OG got invited to SNS as playoff teams after the others had spent weeks qualifyin...
FPX not invited
Tbf they are pretty strong they just sit out far too long and then dont get invites
They for sure are, its malicious business practice that cant be proven but you know is happening Companies only ever care about money, who suffers, what issues are created from their products, they d...
Analysing OG and their chances of winning EPL 14
Depends on their group, but they should be able to make playoffs at the very least unless they are given NaVi, G2, Gambit and BIG in the same group They can beat pretty much anyone other than these t...
ESL pretty much only does EU events tho, so thats just 1 part of the problem The others is, who tf is going to find time/space to do the CIS and NA one, are they all going to even be able to get them...
2 years curse
If Vitality and Apex get their shit together ye otherwise he's stuck there until like 2023 I think
Yea the remaining 3 look kinda OK but as a whole it's hard to look at them ever being good again, there has to be so much toxicity in the team from this last year and a half of sucking even between wh...