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Before: Neo Now: Neo Always: Neo But 4 some reason.. maybe forest spawn get_right Luq they were great before, but then they started to get weaker and weaker And every player has his better...
Who gonna win the WEM 2009?
EPIC FAIL look at #9 and #11 hahahahhaha
Frag eXecutors vs Mojawi
In this game about win decide only about 5% luck... Everyone have his 5 minutes and no one can always win o.O Guys from oXmoze were playing fucking good for example mSx [MVP IMO] I think agai...
Team A vs Team D
look at Neo and Trace... they were awsome :) no one could beat them today :D
Team A vs Team D
how do you feel now? maybe stupid? :*
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
you said polish fanboys... IMO there are many fans from other countries ;] I don't mean I'm from poland so I must say 'Poland is the best'... but if someone writes "go Polska" i'm so happy and pr...
Team C vs Team D
haha it's not funny... fuckin team C is just swedish lineup... it's not fair -_- and why i'm not playing!? lawl o.O
ex-FX vs x6tence
Drive is like mentos... he can do that!
3 word story :D
turn computer off
ex-MYM vs D-Link PGS
fnatic vs Spirit of Amiga
Beat their asses :D SoA!!
what did loord say to gtr?
It's stupid situation, as Taz said they go on parties together and they like each other. So it's stupid to fight...
what did loord say to gtr?
I hope I can translate it correctly: "what's up guys? what the fuck GTR? do you feel stupid you looser?" somethin like that... I hope get right will understand him... Loord was excited and he wo...
fnatic vs Frag eXecutors
You can call me fanboy... But I hope they can play as well as before. I mean... they played best as Pentagram :( Not fuckin mym, wicked or somethin :/
fnatic vs Frag eXecutors
hahaha "and the np. ", "100 koments" LMAO!