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First he´s 24 years old, he was going to get picked buy MIBR back in 2018 but they couldn´t figure out a deal with Team One so he´s definitely more expirienced then Meyern and he also speaks portugues...
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First try to play only with a team or close friends (that u fell that are good enough) then play more for/with the team, ask for flashes try tactics e.t.c
NIKO / yugoslavian team
NIKO / yugoslavian team
nice copy paste response...
NIKO / yugoslavian team
Sure because Rain and broky are much better then Cold... ofc not !! Mas tu é bra71leiro ent é mais normal dizer merda assim ;)
NIKO / yugoslavian team
You talk about Niko like you know anything about him... Maybe he´s much open minded then you would think, but ofc it´s easier to make dumb assumptions like that.
NIKO / yugoslavian team
nonsense, Niko is who he is because of his rifle skills, he sure does well with the awp but it would be a waste to give him that role. What they need is a consistent main awper !
NIKO / yugoslavian team
You really no nothing about CS, he played very well in this last bo3 now go check the last matches from RTR where the best players were Cold or Broky (and that happened more times then you would think...
LOL team spirit and "tHe jUgGrNaUt" in the Top 15
-olof +Maka
m8 he is playing in Heretics... We´re talking about Faze here, it´s two diferent leagues and it also looks like u didn´t get my point...
-olof +Maka
He is tho and If u don´t know that then you shouldn´t even be here...
-olof +Maka
When it comes to Faze Clan it doesn´t mater who the awper is if we´re not talking about guys like S1mple or Zyw0o, wich most likely will never join Faze. This team has Niko and Coldzera... even back t...
Astralis domination
S tier captains of all time.
And you are the one who decides if their can be 10-15 S tier captains ? And whether or not a certain player falls into that category !? FalleN leads is team from scratch to one of the greatest legacie...