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fnatic Rising vs BIG Academy
mongoloids in action)))))))
Team Evelone192 vs Team Shoke
real runny, 11-1 5x2 11-2 3x1 . 11-1 12-13 , just all about money))
1620 Kings vs 8Ballers
so fucking blatant throw for over rounds, its unbelieable.........
K23 vs Entropiq
kz de\mongoloids cant throw again))))
Savage vs Eternal Fire
Round over - Winner: CT (3 - 3) - Bomb defused chawzyyy defused the bomb chawzyyy killedwoxic with m4a1_silencer (headshot) chawzyyy + PlesseN (assist) killedXANTARES with m4a1_silencer XANTARES kille...
Dignitas vs Eternal Fire
Round over - Winner: T (9 - 11) - Enemy eliminated HEAP killedwoxic with ak47 (headshot) woxic + XANTARES (assist) killedf0rest with awp woxic killedLekr0 with awp f0rest planted the bomb on B (4on1) ...
AVE vs Lynn Vision
Round over - Winner: CT (12 - 8) - Target saved Westmelon killedsugaR with ak47 sugaR killedexpro with m4a1_silencer (headshot) expro killedRaijin with ak47 Porya killedz4kr with m4a1_silencer Porya k...
Fiend vs AVE
ofc, fcking animals cant take a plant vs deagle and under 25.5 lost, next round - insta win okay))))))))))
Dignitas vs Lynn Vision
mongoloids do everything for over rounds, well played)
K23 vs BLINK
Round over - Winner: T (7 - 15) - Enemy eliminated fame killedgxx- with ak47 (headshot) fame planted the bomb on A (2on1) xsepower killedrigoN with awp xsepower killedSENER1 with awp fame killedsinnop...
Sprout vs MAD Lions
ofc, mongoloids cant win vs 4 deagles)))))))
Liquid vs NIP
garbage team, go fuck urself
Anonymo vs Sprout
sprout - 0iq mongoloid team
Anonymo vs Sprout
fcking polska mongoloids, cant win any 3x5 rounds, any round with advantage = lost )))))))))))))))))
Finest vs ECSTATIC
322 scum just earn tones of money, throw every match for over rounds))))