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Gambit vs Entropiq
ruski csum just throw all handis and then win 16-13\14 always the sameE)))
gupsy csum in action, 11-6 - throw vs deagles, throw for over rounds then win kekw always the same)))))
FunPlus Phoenix vs Sprout
Round over - Winner: CT (15 - 13) - Enemy eliminated faveN killedFarlig with aug faveN killedSTYKO with aug (headshot) Farlig killedSpiidi with awp Spiidi killedzehN with m4a1_silencer Spiidi killedMa...
Gambit vs TeamOne
throw all handis, then 12-14 16-14 okay)) ruski whoresons
LookingForOrg vs Chiefs
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 2) - Enemy eliminated BL1TZ killedSaVage with ak47 BL1TZ + HUGHMUNGUS (assist) killedap0c with deagle BL1TZ + HUGHMUNGUS (assist) killedsterling with deagle ap0c killedHUG...
LookingForOrg vs Chiefs
Round over - Winner: T (4 - 9) - Enemy eliminated soju_j killedHaZR with ak47 (headshot) BL1TZ killedsterling with deagle (headshot) soju_j planted the bomb on A (2on2) BL1TZ + gump (assist) killedSaV...
LookingForOrg vs Chiefs
Round over - Winner: T (3 - 8) - Enemy eliminated Mayker killedHaZR with ak47 (headshot) Mayker killedSaVage with ak47 (headshot) Mayker killedLiki with ak47 (headshot) Liki killedgump with m4a1 (head...
FaZe vs mousesports
under 22.5 - end 16-7 whoresons, good rounds vs weak buy
FaZe vs mousesports
acor pure trash)))))
Let's Quit vs Captain Cook
chingchong fixers in work 8)
k322 just do mongoloid things, as always))))))
Dignitas vs Copenhagen Flames
danish mongoloids gonna earn they 1year salary for 1 match or what?)))))))
Spirit Academy vs EC Kyiv
under 27.5 bet - gonna throw all rounds ater 14-8 and end 16-12 ruski whoresons)))
Heroic vs Vitality
under 21.5 rip bcs 2 mongoloids cant win vs bot shox with bomb, okay))))))
Round over - Winner: T (7 - 11) - Enemy eliminated BONA killed oopee with deagle (headshot) BONA killed xartE with deagle (headshot) xartE killed Jelo with ump45 (headshot) Jelo killed eDi with deagle...