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Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
I guess I was. I mean Ax1le
Top 20 players of 2021: electroNic (7)
Top 4 should be s1mple zywoo niko sh1ro. Electronic should be 5-7. Maybe 6 is more deserved.
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
We have 8 spot left. S1mple, zywoo, sh1ro, niko, yekindar, hobbit, electronic, nafany. He is in the right spot.
s1mple clinches record-breaking BLAST MVP
If they were not drunk before IEM fall final, it's possible for s1mple to get 9 mvps...
Niko about rez
REZ is a decent player but not stable. I still remember the night I watched Rez carried NIP on IEM oakland
m0NESY, Aunkere, fear transfer-listed in NAVI Junior
If the org don’t let them leave when the org can’t give them chances to promote them for tier 1 game, no talent is willing to join them. Navi is sending a message to every CIS talent: you can join us ...
m0NESY, Aunkere, fear transfer-listed in NAVI Junior
Do you even watch any sports??
Liquid beat Astralis for the first time in two and a half years after domination on Nuke
lol Astralis without crowd
NIP and Vitality pick up wins in issue-filled opening round at IEM Winter
Astralis without Danish crowd.
BLAST Premier World Final to take place without audience
More like getting punished for booing every team else other than Astralis
Post-Major shuffle tracker
Because there are still blast and IEM left this year. Teams won’t change core before the big events. I think the major should conclude a season instead of in the middle of the season.
es3tag and jks transfer-listed by Complexity
I have to say NA csgo level falls too much behind during the pandemic. Even liquid and eg cannot catch up with Europe any more
CIS success continues as NAVI and VP pick up opening wins
Will it be a CIS RMR eventually?
PGL Major Stockholm Challengers Stage round 4 matchups set
Why two teams from round 3 low play against each other in round 4? I thought they have to face team from round 3 mid match losers. And remaining two teams from round 3 mid play against each other.