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NiP vs Liquid
Wouldn't Liquid want to play Nuke against NiP?
FaZe vs NiP
Haha indeed!
FaZe vs NiP
Really mirage over overpass? :O I would guess NiP rather plays overpass.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
And btw, the veto really favors Fnatic. They'll ban D2 and then it's w/e what maps they play. NaVi would Only be favorites in Nike.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
Finally a semi without either Astralis, Liquid, EG. Hopefully Fnatic win but aslong as one of them wins the final it's fine by me!
fnatic vs Liquid
Mirage would be a certain loss for Fnatic. If they want to win this game they need to take inferno. Don't let it be like last time.
MIBR vs fnatic
Golden has been fragging alot lately!
I guess your IQ. Fix any team
I hope you got the safety dance reference! It would be an awesome lineup though ;)
I guess your IQ. Fix any team
New roster: AWPnation Guardian Fallen Allu KennyS ChrisJ "We can AWP if we want to, we can leave our friends behind. Cause if my friends don't AWP and if they don't AWP then they're no friends of mi...
Tip ESL Pro League finals
Hopefully that wont be the final and winner.. but it probably will be :( Think it wont be as straight forward as ECS though
Goldens loan is running out
Indeed! He's a good fragger!!
Goldens loan is running out
To fulfill his contract?
Goldens loan is running out
To bit him out of the contract yes. But I were talking about Goldens obligations.
Goldens loan is running out
Well if he would break his contract he would have to pay a fine. Don't think he's in a position to do so..
Tip ESL Pro League finals
Why man! :'(((