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I stream a 12-year old MMO on Twitch. CS is a thing of the past for me. I just post on forums every now and then.

Europe was founded in 1848 by Walker Texas Ranger when he rode a horse across the Atlantic, he called it "Eastern USA" which was eventually abbreviated as just "EU"

Impossible to counter - the Peruvian Widepeek is one of the most feared manoeuvres in Counter-Strike. The Peruvian Widepeek is achieved through a mix of lag compensation and fast aim. There are no known legitimate ways to counter a properly done Peruvian Widepeek.
Forum posts
fnatic defeat MAD Lions to reach DreamHack Open November final
Since when is fnatic a uk team. Dang I need to start watching cs again
Radical Left Democrats
PGL final 2m viewers ?
How is viewership going to be higher with less BR teams?
NAVI lock in playoffs spot in Stockholm with 2-0 victory over NIP
Navi wins the major
Coaches warned against cheering on players at Major
ahaha good one
Coaches warned against cheering on players at Major
What even is this rule. Part of a coach is to boost team spirit. Hard to even call them a coach anymore
Astralis vs Liquid
Where is Glaive?
navi grand slam lul
I mean it's not NaVi's fault they peaked at a time where LAN events could no longer happen. Obviously it would have been more impressive if it was on LAN, but it was the only way to play pro CS withou...
type speed
i used to be better but im too tired these days https://10fastfingers.com/share-badge/1_DS
type speed
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
wtf happened to this team last year they were one of the best in the world now all their players moved to valorant smh
liquid :(
why should they be banned? what happened i havent paid attention to cs since 2019
dude I closed the tab at 12-2 wtf happened lol
EliGE shines as Liquid hammer NIP in ESL Pro League opener
Team Liquid will win this tournament easily
Shroud: "Valorant is the first.."
I can agree with this. I still would prefer CS as a game but I see no effort being put into it at all. I wonder what the devs even do all day because I see very tiny bug fix updates instead of optimiz...