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I'd honestly buy the first 1 if it was the real one.
Top10 jokest team
I just did, the only bo3s that they lost were 2 to Astralis and one to Grayhound. The Grayhound loss is literally the only "joke" about their recent performance. The only team that's been able to bea...
Top10 jokest team
How is Liquid a joke team? Other than losing to Astralis twice and losing to grayhound, theyve been pretty solid.
character skin unfair !
Permission granted. Spread the word
New CS characters
Now imagine an actual colorblind player (FalleN) trying to find this. This update is fucked.
yep I just finished watching the review and I think im sold.
I was thinking not much over $100 but after reading #25 I think I have made up my mind.
Thanks yeah I really don't care about Gaming brand stuff, I already moved on from Gaming Mechanical keyboards after finding out how quality non gaming brands like Ducky or even custom built ones are s...
Guys what about this? :
Anything that's good that can be bought for not much more than $100?
G2 vs Evil Geniuses
Ok but then he carried them on the last map and they ended up winning the series so you can stop now.
Derank on win on comp
If your friend was unranked before you played the match you almost always derank. I stopped playing matchmaking a long time ago when I was LE, but then I came back after awhile to play 1 match with a...
LMAO s1mple and twistzz nominated for esports player of the year
Oof, I can't come back from that one.
LMAO s1mple and twistzz nominated for esports player of the year
nt son of styko
USA sports crowds
AH true, completely forgot about that one.