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Fantasy team replacement
I got 777 akez and marcelious for gamer legion eraa and zero Yeah marcelious got me alot of points but im sure gamerlegion would make it to stage 2
dota 2
Used to play dota 1 and i have around 300 hours in dota 2 never could make the switch just the nostalgia didint let me it was just boring to me so i switched to HoN then to LoL played lol for almost 1...
EG disband
He was gr8 on the iem fall na
EG disband
They need to go full NA -cerq +junior -michu even tho hes good +swisher
G2 needs an awper
Only niko and teses were in it by hunderinhos words
BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Fantasy live
Nice bro
He has denislav kalubet shipz and idk who just give him replacement player wtf
Wanted to say the same im 4th the guy ubove me has shipz 2 times wtf
G2 needs an awper
Niko is not that niko anymore
G2 needs an awper
They need an awper that will carry games like s1mple or zywoo since niko is now the electronic type of fragger and hunter is like bit sometimes a god sometimes shit. Deko, el1an Or a combo player lik...
BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Fantasy live
You are 3rd on global fantasy?
BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Fantasy live
Lol vp feed on lower tier teams you trippin bruh
BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Fantasy live
Tbh after watching g2 i think VP will smash them
Pinnacle Cup Fantasy
Well you need to balance out your team you cant pick a 150 000 player that is a total bot and pick s1mple who will get you 25-40 points every game and when the bot has his 0.8 rating you get 0 points ...