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suNny tested positive for Covid-19
i see, interesting, its a full year here so i was a bit confused, thx for the explanation
suNny tested positive for Covid-19
isnt obligatory military service 1 year? or is finlands only 6 months?
3 good things about your country mens
have to agree with you there, ill never understand how the thought process of someone that decides youre old enough to have a gun and go to war to kill people at 18 yet cant drink till 21 works, it re...
3 good things about your country mens
no its really not, we might prefer it but its not the most relevant esport
F bro, it happens
ranking uptade #10 predict
heroic changed their core so they should lose a lot of points and col are gonna lose points next cause of older events, the only team moving up the rankings is gambit so logically furia will either st...
nafany selfboost pog
the timing is way too strict and you have to jigle a bit too, not something you can do reliably at all
Astralis vs MIBR
this is a team that never played together before, with 3 stand-ins none of which are all that impressive neither stat-wise against top teams or with any significant achievements this year or at all It...
Cold to New MIBR?
when the pun is so bad the guy cant even see it, i feel for you, ive been there before, youll get them next time
Evil Geniuses vs OG
that doesnt say much considering we dont know who on EU furia and 100t could beat, for all we know furia and old 100t might be better than fucking heroic and astralis, we are gonna find out this tourn...
FURIA vs New England Whalers
it really feels like they give some rounds away on purpose doesnt it? I mean i dont expect them to crush them 2-0 with less than 5 rounds but it really feels like these throw away teams get away with...
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
wait for online to be over before betting bro, its way too unstable right now