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remove 3 countries of the world
Et tu, Suomi?
remove 3 countries of the world
Big population, high birthrate, small economy. Removing India would seriously help us with our pollution and overpopulation at little cost.
remove 3 countries of the world
Denmark, US, India
1. F0rest 2. GTR 3. HeatoN 4. NEO 5. Potti
Most underrated players
Krimz is the most underrated player of all time imo. The guy has always fragged and always been good, but he has never really gotten any attention due to being consistently great but rarely consistent...
It was a bold prediction from Ethan I think.
top 3 worst roster moves of 2019
You realize styko has something like a 1.15 rating 2.0 this year and that F0rest is still a top 30 player, right?
snax salary
From what little I’ve heard most orgs have payment reductions for dropping results written into their contracts.
snax salary
TSM was renowned for their insane salaries back in 2015. They made 5-6k a month before tax. NiP and Fnatic were presumably making a similar amount, but their amounts were never disclosed to my knowled...
best 3 IGL of all time
Yeah Gla1ve is definitely number 1. I just meant to say that Pronax didn't get carried.
18/17yo- dream team
3 entry fraggers and 2 awpers with no igl. Great team!!
best 3 IGL of all time
I can tell you from listening to their comms that Pronax read his enemies like a book.
Make a roster
Flusha Krimz JW Brollan Golden Coach: Samme and THREAT
Top 5 handsome pros (serious)
1. Device 2. Twist on fnatic (he seems to have lost weight now) 3. Jackz 4. JKS 5. NiKo
DreamHack Masters Austin 2020
Central Stockholm is stinking fucking rich. No first generation immigrants live there. Its mostly Swedes, Jews and a few rich European/American immigrants, with a few asians here and there.