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I have the flu
It can last even one more week...just be patient and take some paracetamol or ibuprofen to lower the temp if you have fever. If its indeed a typical flu/other viral illness, considering youre young an...
SG-553 balancing sugestion
Pointless..both raising the price AND nerfing the rof will kill the gun. No one will pay extra 400-500$ for a scope. Just raise the price...they should have done the same with the aug, but now its de...
Your sensitivity?
400 dpi, 1.52 sens, played both lower (a la niko, twistzz) and slightly higher (1.8) but both didn't feel right. This seems to fit like a glove for me. Still A bit Harder to flick, but doable and aim...
R people still playing GALIL/Famas
Yep, both. Both are good either anti eco or when you can't afford a full buy but you need to win an important round and you dont wanna eco. I dont understand why people say galil is shit...if you know...
16:9 vs 4:3
Idk...the fact that pros use X doesn't mean its better. Many of them are just copying what they were used to at 1.6 or their idols who played 1.6. I tried 1280x960 coz of the pro meta and its blurry a...
Arab players
Turks aren't arabs....iranians aren't as well. These 2 are muslim dominant countries, but technically they aren't arabs.
People who don't use it out of a principle of not being a noob are just retarded. Same with the anti krieg movement...if a gun is good and you like to win, use it. Who da fuck cares if its a "noob gun...
someone over 23-24 yo?
Huh, and i thought I'm the only one here over 30 with wife/children. Good to know I'm not the only one that's fucked up :) We should start team geriatrics to show dem kiddos we still got it.