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FlameZ Israeli army
Objectively? Based on what? Lmao.
mouse bungee
Paracord it...
Tried Entry-Fragging
Tried Entry-Fragging
Thats correct.... 1000 bots on aimbotz and 30 mins of ffa daily is more than enough for aim. The rest of the time should be spent on pugging, learning utilities and watching demos.
Tried Entry-Fragging
Tried Entry-Fragging
Someone flash me, than i go kill....
Full brain full aim players.
Ropz, device, zywoo
Full brain full aim players.
Lmao, are you drunk? Device is an insane aimer
sticker sale?
he's trying to flex, but obviously to the wrong audience... yeah, imagine the "stupid" 15 yo who bought some kato 2014 ibuypower holos...i wish i was that stupid when i was younger.
sticker sale?
ignore him...another 20 YO kiddo who thinks hes cooler than everyone else coz he's "swimming with the sharks on the stock market". lmao.
sticker sale?
what's your point? this is the most braindead, 0 effort, 0 maintenance investment you can buy it, and you forget about it...that's it. than, 3 years later you have a spare 500$, what's the ...
Best mouse for CSGO
most my opinion its the best ambi wired esports mouse availible, and the price is very competitive. the only culprit is that it may be a tad too big\wide on the back for smaller hands.
2020 RmR sale
Its the first batch ever for teams gold stickers made , and it follows the same trend of going on sale before itll stop being sold by need a very unlikely scenario to happen for this not ...
2020 RmR sale
likewise...i purchased a bit in the beginning, and now after the sale i bought 2 gold tyloos 1 gold navi and around 20 capsules.