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G2 Fans come
*not Guardian? Lmaoooo, you should re-watch Boston
s1mple's new team
They wanted him in 2019 or something around there but couldn't get him. Plus now he signed 2 years contract and FaZe don't wanna invest too much into cs imo.
G2 vs Sinners
You can go and do some big event yourself. It will be easy for you as u surely have expirience with doing events and it will be the best event ever. Just hope you won't see any shit comments like that...
OG Praccing with 5th
He's with them on practices even when he's not playing. He's just watching the team
i fix teams
Why - dexter? Cuz they lost to Astralis after not even a week of practice? LMAO
Accurate Top 10 AWP in 2020 !
I actually say that Blogg1s is better then BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD and Czech monkeys take it as serious as possible LMAO
Ropz actually said in interview that they are still looking for sniper
Accurate Top 10 AWP in 2020 !
Even Adis Longis Frajeris has better arguing then u
Accurate Top 10 AWP in 2020 !
I don't see anywhere "Heart1e" give me your opinion.
Accurate Top 10 AWP in 2020 !
Blogg1s > Zywoo
Best coaches of 2020
Is he talking about coaches or about coaches standing in?
Imagine having "vodka" in name when you are 10 years old
mousesports vs Cloud9
Gotmas is playing 10 times better then botxic and it was a lot cheaper
Guardian to MouseSports
Chris is not even playing the awp that much. Karrigan is the main awper for the squad. And why should they add Guardian when it's working with Bymas?