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Vitality vs Astralis
Replace UP with OUT and I'll agree with this message
NIP vs Astralis
Glover said May, Dana white said he's not sure how's it gonna be with the next title fight. But i hope that Jiří gets the chance
NIP vs Astralis
Noone expected that result for sure. But i wouldn't say much ppl expected Glover to choke Jan in 2nd round either :D
NIP vs Astralis
Mouz after the major
In your thread you can't even write the name of player u wanna kick from a team, but you are talking about someone wasting his time in mouz. Pretty funny, ngl
3 towers lead. Probably the best thing i heard about League today lmao
FPX part ways with Devilwalk, peca
This is not report about -zews, keeping Stanisław tho
fnatic bench Jackinho
IEM Fall EU: What to look out for in round 4 matches*
Wake up
Did you really say that NA will win Major?
hampus on deciding factor against mouz: "ropz. We can shut him down"
Ok, if they would somehow shutdown ropz, glhf playing against frozen
SINNERS vs Eternal Fire
Well, now defeated nonamers 16-2
Movistar Riders set to bench smooya - Report
PEASE of trash indeed
Nordavind transfer-list roster: "We are not leaving the scene"
Mouz 16th at IEM after losing to Gambit and Liquid in close af matches, Xsepower where? Top 156 in t3 Russian tournaments?
Nordavind transfer-list roster: "We are not leaving the scene"
They won against top 7 team in online tournament, is there any chance of them signing my profile? It would mean a lot from legends like that