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matrix 4
2 and 3 were bad so 4 will probably be bad too why can;t they jsut leave good movies alone and stop making more of them to try and live off the success of the first one
That's why I never fuck with Polish people on Mount and blade they're good at fainting and they know how to swing a 2 hander
Living the thug life, dying the thug life.
Can you...
Angel voice enjoy the beautiful tones of Boombl4
Your favorite weapon in CS:GO?
UMP, so versatile and cheap, pick it up on multiple maps along with all the nades I need armour most rounds, fits my play style too. I'll obviously pick up an ak or a galil overit now if someone's dro...
Games to play while dead in CS?
total war warhammer 2
Pray for snax
Instantly? have you been living under a rock for the last five years? Thorin and Snax have had a little bit of a rivalry for a while now like over a year or so and it's not as if Snax is a new player
RIP Father
save mantuu
Zywoo only speaks frog though
OG fix 100%
That's like saying Gob b is a god at cs XD yeah they have the brain but jesus at some point in the game you need to shoot people
OG fix 100%
Hunden is a smart person but he is fucking dogshit at the game
Best US cities
Don;t forget Detroit and Chicago those are left too
I would still say that they could easily Beat MIBR
Is this racist? 18+
Racism against white people is racism but reddit is a far left outlet so they are okay with it the left love racism when it's against people they don't like