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well no it;s not Astralis we've already seen them without their igl, he is like the key figure anyone else you could cut and it wouldn't change too much apart from maybe Dev1ce.
Not without Glaive,
good boy points
And these companies, Riot games, EA, Blizzard are the ones trying to call you a bad person if you disagree with people rioting in the streets and shooting other people meanwhile Riot games has massi...
lool peacefully killing more than 30 African Americans in their riots and causeing more then 500 million worth of damage in onearea alone. the left: yeah that's fine people protesting not wearing a...
Because the temperature is extremely high, same reason the Europeans and other countries refuse to wear them, medical professionals will tell you do not wear masks for extended periods of time unless ...
your religion
1. no 2. no 3. no 4. no 5. yes
Science 2020 = BS
I mean if you don't like capitalism there are always free homes to move to in Venezuela.
Explosion Video
There have been bigger explosions but I don't think they were caught on video, it's fucking crazy how you can actually see the shock wave moving through the buildings and so on.
probably ruined a perfectly good toaster too.
How do you call this people?
I mean if you want to see how important farmers are just look at what happened in China and the USSR when they took the land of the farmers, killed all the farmers and then gave the land to people who...
got muted by default because of reports
Has Valve implemented something new recently because mutlitple people have said this is happening to them have they reduced the amount of reports you need to be voice banned?