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Copenhagen Flames vs Apeks
no fgucking way i lost my over 25.5 bc of that ?? 9-8 to 9-16 ??
Vitality vs DBL PONEY love you guy vitality
Vitality vs DBL PONEY
Round over - Winner: T (9 - 2) - Enemy eliminated Lucky killed shox with ak47 Lucky planted the bomb (1on1) Lucky killed ZywOo with ak47 (headshot) ZywOo killed Djoko with awp Djoko killed apEX with a...
G2 threads
Niko one of the most braindead baiter ever, good rating for what
Gambit vs G2
Rip over 26.5 instead of 10-9 its 13-8
Apeks vs BIG
fuck lost my over 26.5 because Apeks lost eco 12-10 to 16-10 :(
BIG vs Heroic
yoo wtf cadian and teses with covid ?? ez hdc for big then lol
Spirit vs
bruh i dont know how i manage to win over 26.5 on both maps
Spirit vs
holy shit jame is so retarded wtf, 5 vs 3 you got two pick b and then you ran back a ???
Spirit vs
Round over - Winner: CT (2 - 1) - Enemy eliminated magixx killed SANJI with deagle SANJI + YEKINDAR (assist) killed degster with ak47 (headshot) SANJI killed sdy with ak47 (headshot) SANJI killed chop...
Astralis vs Complexity
4-1 to 4-5 because noobtralis cant kill poizon deag
FURIA vs paiN
ahaha rip -4.5 bettor thank god i didnt bet on this
Gambit vs G2
had they not lost that eco round at 11:8 i would have won :(
Gambit vs G2
Round over - Winner: CT (8 - 12) - Target saved NiKo killed Hobbit with awp NiKo + JaCkz (assist) killed nafany with awp interz killed AmaNEk with p250 (headshot) Ax1Le + interz (assist) killed huNter...
Gambit vs G2 :( my g2 10 rounds and over 24.5 sadge