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RpK retires from competition
It's incredible to see an over 30 years old guy still make so many clutch plays. Thank you and always respect! Le Tank RpK!!
Vitality sign Kyojin
Thanks for LE TANK for these great years. King of dirty works!!
xiaosaGe announces retirement
This man is famous in East Asian FPL.
oBo rounds out Evil Geniuses roster
Actually in 2021 Ethan performs poorly. oBo is too young to even handle the exit from coL well. Hope he can learn more in his new team.
NaToSaphiX: "I desperately miss playing top-tier teams every day of the week; it's up to only me to make that happen"
Bad IGL blameF ruined this man's career.
Bubzkji: "We had to rethink the whole idea of a six-man roster; I can now play multiple maps"
translate: trade me or bench others. vs Renegades
I feel bad for Renegades. No opponent in Australia and no time to adapt EU & CIS high level teams.
Quantum Bellator Fire sign Danish lineup
I remember BERRY as 1st Danish SK Gaming member but I thought he's retired for a long time LUL. Good to see him leading young men. Keep working!
apEX takes break from competition
shoxie was the greatest firepower back in 2019 on G2. JaCkz/ AmaNEk/ Lucky/ bodyy are all average T1 team player.
Renegades vs MOUZ
This seems weird lol
NIP bench twist
Every time seeing once T1 players getting older and removed from top tier team makes me feel sad :(
BLUEJAYS unveil international roster featuring Kvik
Why is there no French young men like Lucky or bodyy when they try to build a new team?
Welcome back kangaroo kids
FaZe sign Twistzz *
Twistzz to coldzera: "Sit the F down!!"
Video: NaToSaphiX vs. Honoris
Tier 2 player bullies old legends