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proplayer ''nicknames''
FalleN "2faced" Toledo
major here i go
I should go, since I am Swedish, but I have final exams that week. Piss poor timing, I'm devastated.
Top 10 teams of all time
I think 2017-18 FaZe (karrigan, NiKo, olofmeister, rain, GuardiaN) deserves a spot on the list, up until the Boston Major they were comfortably the best in the world, and were kicking ass. I'd say th...
major here i go
The 2 million is only because we've skipped over other scheduled Majors. The thing is, DOTA crowdfunds their prize pool, through items in their game. CS also crowdfund the Major through in-game items,...
Fifa 15 servers shut down
Was a lot of good fun, some of my earliest gaming memories are: - Played a EC semi final as Portugal with only 7 players on the field after having 4 red cards from reckless slide tacklings - Winning t...
Fifa 15 servers shut down
PES 2009
"you can fluke a major"
flag doesn't check out
hejmonika where you at?
Lets name pro that disapeared
He's still playing actively for bankaPEPSI, and has been for most of 2021.
is anyone actually a fan of NIP?
I like the new roster! I love the old guys but it was cool to see NiP build a completely new roster without the old guys. For all the old fans who watched the legendary roster with f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, ...
SMOOYA new team
Thank you! The second episode has hit a bit of a technical problem in the upload, but hopefully it'll be up somewhat soon.
SMOOYA new team
Thank you! Very glad you've found it! We've been forced to take a bit of a break in the past few days due to travel and university but we'll be back kicking soon.
SMOOYA new team
Missed opportunity not to name the alt account "alter"
Guess the pro from emoji.
I'm guessing 1-4 are correct, but I'm wrong on 5-10?