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pro100 vs Yalla
So much those trashtournaments and events nowadays. Every fucking day some top 100 teams play and people should watch that shit? Stupid shit.
Astralis vs Liquid
EG is just a weak turkish team, don't worry.
Liquid vs NiP
We all love Myanmar it's a nice country. Im thinking to come there for holidays..
I love xarte's hair.
Both teams are pretty weak, but lets see how the duck fucks. Mibr in good form and lost for Tyloo... Hmmm.
Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
EG is trash.
ENCE vs ViCi
Lets go to home ENCE! You don't need IGL, you have so much firepower so you don't need IGL. That's why we call ence as Team Firepower. Aerial is so good, adr 60 and talks so much, his mouth is bigger ...
Heroic vs Virtus.pro
Just because they have a great named team Virtus.Pro.
Heroic vs Virtus.pro
Heroic going strong and they are ready to get trophy. They got better map pool than VP, they are young guns and they have passion. Today they are Heroic. Wish all good for VP, they deserve to be respe...
North vs NiP
Lets go f0rest and men, f0rest have been dominating over 30 years now and still going strong. Lets go Ninjas! Plopski and f0rest 98 headshots per one map confirmed.
Winstrike vs GamerLegion
nawwk nipples spotted.
NiP vs BIG
Hahahaha Ninjas will run over big, f0rest and Plopski 89 headshots combined per one map (in 2 maps 178 headshots) confirmed. Maybe big is a good team in future, but no chance against NiP. It's like Sw...
SJ vs Nemiga
Jamppi headshot, killing spray, multikyll, godlyke.
North vs BIG
Yes, it is trash. Roger that!
Vitality vs 100 Thieves
Why you are so angry? EG lost and that's it, they didn't lose because of autosnipers(if I remember right FaZe used autosnipers in two rounds in base and lost both of that rounds) so probably they jus...