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Carlos arrogant?
I'm guessing this guy has insider info. He's probably eluding to the fact that Astralis is about to rebrand to Origen and he's going to claim responsibility for this rebrand in the aftermath. If thi...
Liquid next coach who ?
I do not agree with this at all. NAF has always been a lurk, even dating back to his days with Optic and renegade. He was always support/lurk and had lots of impact in clutching out rounds. With tw...
Liquid next coach who ?
Because his time in Liquid has been inconsistent at best and flat out chaotic at worst. The liquid era was accomplished by placing stewie in all of taco's roles and only making small modifications t...
Liquid next coach who ?
Hopefully -stew incoming
Liquid's problem
I agree with you 100%. And you're right, not fair to insult you and your age when I don't know you. But I don't believe getting rid of AdreN was nearly as impactful as getting rid of nitr0. I belie...
Liquid's problem
lmao moses was professional in cs before you were alive. He is OP as fuck. Led United5 to be one of the best teams on lan in USA. He was always known for good strategy. Sure he isn't adreN but Liq...
yeah that came off wrong lmao. Meant that neither one used cs:go cheats but yeah, retarded.
Because they're both synonymous with cheating.... even though neither one cheated !!!! edit: before you all jump me for saying iBP didn't cheat, match fixing is cheating with respect to the other p...
Elige best pure rifle?
But we aren't talking about his entire career, we are talking about recent results (past 3-6 months). Since woxic was cut, Ropz has been secondary awp and is still regularly picking it up even with a...
Faceit FPS drop help
Did this fix your issue ???
i r8 ur cs inventory