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ENCE decimates NAVI
Perdet? Seriously?
liquid need changes?
-adren, like Thorin said
Yes well there are other factors. 'voter idea' is just one of the factors. Generally you could say that protests create a certain public mood that may affect businesses and politicians in one way or a...
Ideas are popular -> lots of people support them -> people elect politicians who claim to support these ideas -> politicians collect money and get to abuse their power
Is there life after 30s?
5 N in a row, who you gonna call
R8 this chick
7 on a good day
Faceit Queues closed?
Oh are they down again? Faceit is down? Wow
is it even worth it to keep going ???????????????????????????
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Deep.
Will humans evolve ?
actual lol
Will humans evolve ?
Maybe in two hundred years you will evolve to be close to me height- and intelligence-wise, but by that time I too will evolve and be even taller, smarter, and more handsome than I am now.
Girls shaving
That's why I'm completely okay with being single. Like almost happy to be alone
Girls shaving
Yo. I shave my armpits for hygiene reasons, because hair keeps the smell of sweat for a long time, and I shave pubic area for the same reason (and also for easier access for when I'm alone with my por...
Whats you map with the highest Winrate?
Mirage Rotates are easy, you can carry, everybody knows callouts, nades are simple, ez map
Racism solution
Imagine prisons as the only form of real estate