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Think so too, furia is a top 10 team and if they dont want to continue losing their spot they need the right player to complete their roster. Every player i mentioned has more exp than honda, he might...
FURIA coldzera
It should work, art is the most aggressive player, vini and yuurih go for info plays and aggression on certain maps which junior occasionally did too. Kscerato has similar positions and playstyle th...
If its arg i would try try, he showed some insane games, Saffe one of the best awps in brazil right now, Cold experience and we might see more from him in furia, since hey speak pt and different styl...
OG support thread
Moba games overrated, dota2 best game ever
issue with mouz
They lost 1vs3 and ecos as ct, could have takeb the map. Some muat win duels lost and questionable decisions. Cant do so many istakes against gambit currently.
Most undeserved EPL 14 spot
Yes, and even in epl 13 they did ok. Gambit navi furia mibr and cloud 9 in group. Close matches against c9 and mibr and could have taken it to a 3rd against navi and furia. And c9 memes aside they we...
FURIA honda garbage
I mean overall big is pure chaos right now, loses 2 bo3 against teams outside top 30. Honda showed some good rounds but he seems to not have enought impact each round
hardest esports game?
Oh yes, that statement makes me believe that he barely knows the game. Just because you pick 5 heroes go to the right lane and kill the ancient it doesnt mean you know how to play.
furia honda
Kinda in a ztr and junior aituation, showing enough to consider trying to play him some more but also making to many mistakes for a player in a top10 team. The good thing is he had less time than the ...