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online sucks yes very new Vitality haven't really won anything on LAN either with this roster so why all that "LAN was better" shit from them? just accept...
BlameF 1.41 op kill ratio yes baiter very much
bro vitality got clapped real hard those fat cheeks of zywoo must be real red now hahahahaha dogshit ass fat ass baiter
"Vitality top 1"
no need to worry we have guns at home and I'm applying for CCW soon sucks to be european and have to rely on the police when someone breaks in your house and u have to hide under your bed huh? just t...
online sucks
mental fatigue kicks in easier when you have to travel a lot in a short period of time throughout the year but now these dudes just sit home all day (like 5% of them actually goes out doing something...
"Vitality top 1"
and where did he keep the gun the whole time retard? he literally pulled it out from the cop's holster to defend himself after being tazed like 5 times and dragged around just check the video the ot...
swole patrol disband again
well this kid doesn't belong in the scene so who careeeeeeeeeees being a crybaby doesn't get you on a big team
online sucks
just take a wild guess why there aren't 2 week breaks in online cs
"Vitality top 1"
you're clearly a kid if you don't support justice people in the US who wanna be cops only join to have a gun which they can use at any time so it's literally just rl GTA for them since they can go ar...
online sucks
"also T1 tournaments never run simultaneously" read this one but slowly u never see shit like a DH, ESL and Faceit event running at the same time also ESL owns DH + they're hosting the IEM events ...
online sucks
well how many did we have during LAN? same bruh 2-3 a day because you can't just do a "B stream" on LAN and shit also T1 tournaments never run simultaneously I mean I get you it must be painful an...
online sucks
col best rn
"Vitality top 1"
fuck 12 you support killers but if there's civilian justice you're running your bitch ass mouth about how it's bad and shit to kill cops fucking kid
"Vitality top 1"
it is irrelevant tho major was cancelled so also they probably cheated
"Vitality top 1"
yes merkur masters very good tournament tier 1 who cares about random DH fluke wins? nobody literally no fucking body because the prize pools are a joke 160k for MASTERS? first gets 50k???? bruh lma...