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Which pro do you hate the most?
coldzera has to be the biggest scumbag looking motherfucker ever, apart from the fact he can't deal with his inflated ego. also hes shit at the game now so i dont really care about it anymore, but bac...
Avangar biggest fluke
is it a surprise though?
Create Your Worst Team
I wanna leave Spain
people are generally pretty nice and there's a chill and usually upbeat/party atmosphere. the weather is pretty good as well, 9 months of basically warmish/hot summer and 3 months of not so warmish wi...
I wanna leave Spain
it's getting better, they are slowly rolling out new internet in major areas of big cities for the last couple of years, so decent internet is becoming more and more common now. but there are still a...
I wanna leave Spain
australia only good short term bois, we are just a criminal colony of the british empire. they dont give a shit about aussies standards of living.
Valve dont care about cheaters at pro scene
but his mouse movement was almost instantaneous with 0 delay, ofc my eyes cant tell accurately but it looks too sus
idk what University degree do
do arts and major in linguistics/literature if you like languages, otherwise philosophy/animation/history are good majors too. you want to do what you find most interesting/less daunting, you will lik...
22yo never had gf
idk men, never believed in commitment, marriages etc. though i have been friends with girls who had similar views as me, so I can have a good time with them) apart from that i was never interested in ...
black people come
heh, don't you have any abo mates?)))
22yo never had gf
lul same mens and im 26. have friends who are married. you need to change something or you will be like me in few years (coomer)))
why asians so good at games for betas?
CS is for chads men))) not sure where Danes fit into this however.
Coomer Quiz
very nice mens))
its cute boy want to become womans