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Average salary in your country
4000$ in Denmark - before taxes.
Banned for no reason!
Did you really get kicked? Seems you are still in one of the divisions?
Banned for no reason!
Why trying to ruin an organized esport tournament, with a made up fairytale story is stupid? I wonder why,
Banned for no reason!
Oh this is stupid! :D
MANS NOT HOT vs Espada
Think you might be confusing the young supertalent, with nexa or Tenkzi! :D
Best 'CS/Esport' showcase movie
The one in Valby is decent - buy that one.
Best 'CS/Esport' showcase movie
Come at me bro.
Danes come here
Denmark is a brilliant country and there is so much nice to say about it. The fishing locations isnt one of them tho' - as far as I know.
Avarage HLTV Age ?
32, so relax son.
Denmark needs help
This is singlehanded the weirdest topic ever on HLTV - and that says alot.
Shox cheating AIMBOT more evidence
Give up - its like 90's and cycling. Everyone is give you the stick for it and 10 years later, its a different story ;)
[DK] Copenhagen gaming café
Shouldnt be a problem to just book 2-3 PC's - otherwise ask for Thomas, and tell him that I said it was okay, haha (You can do it, he will prob just laugh tho')
Cheat solution
Uninstall bluethooth drivers on the clients - problem solved. (Or just dont install it / activate it)
[DK] Copenhagen gaming café
Have been there a few (many) times, never seen anything like #7 said.
[DK] Copenhagen gaming café
There are still a few in Copenhagen, going semi-strong for social reasons.