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My last Account 2030'd, fuck dimitrii and fuck all the beta males on this virgin website.

retired HLTV moggingmachine.

the best is blessed.

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I'm american and even I can admit the metric system is way better.
Germany laugh thread
this video has been around for ages, embedded in hundreds of threads in hltv
Germany laugh thread
weak bait bro, if you try to bait euros you gotta stop bringing up old shit
Billie Eilish
type in billie eilish train on xvideos but its fake
Usa boring country
Literally the opposite of boring. I lived in germany for a couple of years and it's day and night.
Kobe sex offender
Women lie a lot, we don't know whether he did it or not. How many chicks try to get money from atheltes this way? I call bs. Rest Easy Legend
Premier League: How good is Gabriel Martinelli?
for the small amount of playing time he gets, he really did impressive me. future is bright for this kid, i want to see him leave arsenal though.
"kobe? who is that?"
thats absolutely understandable, but hating on people who were genuienly touched by his death due to his immense impact on a lot of life's is just disgusting. tbh this was the first time i felt genuie...
Another capitalism thread
terrible terrible bait
Bryant rip
he clearly isnt
Bryant rip
Seems like you dont understand the concept of baiting. #33 he got more triggered than i did.
Bryant rip
beta vibes overload pm add me on ig lets see how tough your ass is
Bryant rip
whats your problem beta boy, you lucky this is the internet, say that shit to my face irl i dare you
Belarus most underrated country?
watched a couple of videos of belarus, looks as depressing as most slavic countries, terrible.
Bryant rip
my fucking childhood idol :'(