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cooper the coomer
forsaken forsaken forsaken forsaken forsaken
about valorant, without hate.
Remove ultimates and then the game will have the perfect balance of abilities and gunplay. Increase movement inaccuracy. Players can kill you with a headshot using a phantom or vandal, at medium to ...
Best Creepy YouTube Channels
Jake Paul
Games of your childhood
Project IGI Max Payne Hitman
Dark Souls > Witcher
+1 OP loves comparing apples with oranges. Nex he will compare CS GO with disc golf and then call CS as a shit game.
Valorant scene ?
It will take quite a long for the esports scene to be truly attractive and exciting. Firstly, they are still tinkering with game balance and new agents. It will take quite a long for them to achieve a...
If your flag isn't fake, you are definitely a native English speaker. Because your native language is English, speaking naturally in English and communicating in-game in English might seem like the sa...
Richard Lewis rekt
Ethan demonstrates how stupid pro players are outside of the game. Richard Lewis clearly mentioned 'practicing' CS as well as Valorant, while Ethan responds by implying that playing any other game 'fo...
CoD vs Thorin
How did it all begin? What started Thorin's Crusade?
Boring final
The raw skill on the server right now is amazing. Some real hype moments. Seeing Hobbit on train was fun.
Worst Katowice final ever
Scrawnders Outclass and Outmatch them easily
YEKINDAR (NiKo should learn)
Oh! Did Niko talk trash about Yekindar as well? (Expected). Can you point me at the source, please?
Tight underwear
wear them a bit longer and then sell them to me without washing them ;)
Problem with OG
nice try Allu