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Nowhere, he is done like Guardian. These 2 might show up again in T1 in a few years. For now he can try some T3 team if he doesn't want the pressure and enjoy just like Guardian did.
Your setup + Rank?
if it's an old laptop clean it and change thermal paste that should fix the issue. Don't expect too much fps from your laptop it's a U series chip which is a mobile version which is built to be power ...
Vitality questionable moves
Not questionable actually. They don't have many French players available to sign. The whole team depends on how well Zywoo will play if he plays bad they will lose bad. Now they get magisk and dupreeh...
Faze - The Problem (Real)
Do you seriously think Faze is interested in winning something in csgo? It feels like Faze is just interested in selling merch for popular players in cs.
Vitality vs Astralis
gla1ve 16.9 adr on Nuke lol could be the lowest stats from any t1 player ever.
Sadokist: "VALVE Should sell CS Licence"
Actually no, the only thing common between both games was the maps. Mechanism for both games is different. When you move from 1.6 to csgo you play like a complete noob you can't hit shit happened to m...
karrigan 1.6
It's a completely different game. The mechanism was different for that game.
why vitality disband?
They don't have French players left to sign, there was no word of G2 making changes when vita started the process the only French players that were available were from dbl poney. I don't think going i...
Gf mother's birthday, help
Just give her a amazon gift card instead, let her buy what she wants with that money. No flowers or chocolates it will either look weird or if you don't gift those things to your gf you might get in t...
G2 GuardiaN
https://www.hltv.org/stats/lineup/players?lineup=2757&lineup=3347&lineup=12004&lineup=18670&lineup=20357&minLineupMatch=5 2nd best player of Sng is bad as per you. They don't have a good igl and they ...
Your most controversial opinion
Faze super team (2017-18) was the best line-up they had. That team had the potential to win a major and shouldn't have changed. Any line-up after -karrigan till present is not capable of reaching the ...
Your most controversial opinion
It would be better if they bring in fresh maps instead of bringing back old maps with new make-up. D2, Mirage and inferno need to go next, most teams just play either of these 3 maps and it's getting ...