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The10YearBanned part 2

I _WILL_ return !

Bestest mathematical equation: PeruvianWidepeeker = n0b8m8 + recoilmaster

“'What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.’- Albert Pine -“
-Jonathan E


-Florastation (Cyber_netica)



“ok fallenzera”





“my quote:”

“you will be alted”



*weird flex*
-legal user who doesn't want to be baited

“chinga juan”
-Ozzy “bruhmoment69420” Osbourne

"name always has to check"
-placeholder user #31

Your very own quote can be here!*

Ban history:
23/11/19 Banned (3 Days) for saying: “wincest”
21/1/20 Banned (1 Day) for saying: “Ok.”
26/1/20 Banned (1 Day) for saying: “xaxa”
24/7/20 Banned (1 Day) for saying “Ok.”
24/7/20 Banned (3 Days) for participating in useless comment tree (Ban overlaps with previous ban)
7/8/20 Banned (3 Days) for saying “Okn’t”
14/8/20 Banned (1 Day) for saying “Okn’t”
9/1/21 Banned (3 Days) for saying “Ok.”
12/2/21 Banned (1 Day) for saying “motocicletas=windows”
4/3/21 Banned (1 Day) for saying: haha nt pros never fake
13/4/21 Banned (3 Days) for calling obo a snake
20/4/21 Banned (3 Days) for calling Jonathan E a liar
27/4/21 Banned (3 Days) for saying "who"

Additional 1 day bans: 2

My alts:

° ø †
¿ ¡ © ® ™ ° ¢ € £ †

\_/ w \_/


*must be a very original quote. Restrictions apply
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