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MAD Lions vs BIG
swede fags always crying on forums like the biggest virgins, you guys live on the internet cause you're so fucking soy. Go choke on mohammeds dick
MAD Lions vs BIG
lmfao ugly little pussy swede acting tough on a forum axaxaxaxaxax get a life nerd
MAD Lions vs BIG
crying virgin spotted, stop betting kid if u cant handle it
mousesports vs Complexity
i swear poizon is all aim no brain, the kid makes so many dumb mistakes it's insane
DENMARK WEAK ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
american men are midget sized pussies who celebrate pride parade every other day and dies like flies to a flu like virus.
DENMARK WEAK ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
Norgay have more fags per capita than any other country in Europe axaxax, not surprised tho you feminine pussies sound like your trying out for the opera every time you open your mouth
Astralis never winning major again
shit for 5-6 months? they ended 2019 by winning ECS s8, IEM Beijing and Blast Globals in 2020 they have so far come 3rd/4th in katowice, 3rd in EPL and 1st in RtR No other team is close to this achiev...
Astralis GOAT
"never made top4", imagine being this retarded and not knowing shit. They were top4 in 2014 majors and won several tournaments in 2013-2016 cHeAtInG bTw, yeah im sure they've cheated their way to 25 ...
Danes, best and worst for and in CS:GO?
" - Player owned Organisation: Basicly a lie, because the shares were and are minimal.": Show me anywhere Astralis advertise themselves as a player owned Org, they all (at least Dupreeh, Dev1ce and Xy...
USA protesters
The thing is, you're still paying for these people through insurance instead of taxes, do you think the specific amount of money you fund into the insurance company is kept in case you and only you ge...
USA protesters
But your unemployment rate (before this corona thing) was just as low and even lower than some nordic countries, so you should have just as big part of your country contributing homogenous or not?
12:30, Jun 07
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MAD Lions
16:00, Jun 07
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