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RIOT racist
everyone is racist, and if you don’t say anything you’re racist. will take it in your ass, motherfucker. I hope the world will become a dictatorship like that of the North Korea, freedom of expressio...
FURIA vs MiBR bet
Apparently at this moment they are playing like Astralis ... Let's see when the spirit of the last place in the HLTV rank will appear
FURIA vs MiBR bet
This is an indisputable truth, Furia is very inconsistent, there are plays that look like Astralis, in others it looks like the last team in the HLTV rank ... ALL THIS IN THE SAME ROUND
I just wanted a scene from the Brazilian CSGO to be strong again. Observant as smaller teams and younger Brazilian players ... It gets to be pathetic
September? the tests take more than 1 year, my little Italian. Until then there is not much to do, who can stay in the home until then, ok. who can not, enter the Russian roulette and good luck, simpl...
Malasiya WTF
>chinese questioning anything strange from another country What's the next joke? I know some, but I don't want to be banned.
League of Legends
the mistake is in someone liking this game shit
Trans on tinder
hahahaha one day you understand, i have faith in your intellectual capacity.
Trans on tinder
What doesn't make sense is being a cucked and cheering for a cooking gas team.
Believe me, there are politicians who have done worse than the result is extreme poverty. The bolsonaro is just stupid and lets his shit show up to everyone.
Trans on tinder
The fan who supports a domestic gas company has arrived Your flag also does when the subject is cucked.
Trans on tinder
it is because shemale worshipers are very noisy, and it seems that there are many.
Trans on tinder
Really shemales are pretty annoying on the tinder. They should make a category for them.
Imagine becoming top 1 just playing online? I think we would have the greatest haters of Mibr
funny how you are a complete retard and comment as if you were someone important. think about it, you are the toxic.