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Can't activate more than 60hz on XG279Q(pg279q)
i run 144hz with hdmi lul
Big LAN points
If online was calculated like it was before covid then there would be basically no change in the rankings from before we went to online because online matches count less the higher in the leaderboards...
are mx blue switches shit for FPS games?
Just depends on what you like keyboard fanatics will tell you that kailh speed pros are the best for gaming but in the end it's just personal feeling if it's your first mech keyboard I would recommend...
Teams that have a good logo
cerq is a bulgarian who has spent his entire career at the top with an NA team, Brazilian teams are considered NA during online, and have always practiced/scrimmed with NA
Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
Easy for liquid
Top 5 racists
Top 5 chokes in cs:go history
TL vs. Ence. Ence wouldn't become one of the best teams in the world or make it to the GF of a major without losing to TL. TL had almost never lost to the NAVI lineup that they would've met in the s...
Name A CS Pro that has the same birthday as you
May 10th?
-ethan +who ?
why -ethan before tarik or stan?
worst ingame names
Mass Shootings and Guns in America
its not just about owning the guns its about the meaning behind them. If the government can take our self defense what else can they take?
Guardian options
??? grat is young and improving player why ruin a team by putting guardian on it. He should just do what other washed up shitty boomers do and play for some low level CIS team