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All fixes in 1 thread.
either this is bait or you just tossed everything into a random name generator and posted what came out
Spanish speakers come
unless you're fakeflagging, what the hell is the point of a fin trying to learn spanish, either way trying to practice with video calls and shit like that helps quite a lot, there's a huge difference ...
I'd also think swapping languages so much in the last few months would have had a huge impact on his performance
Worst word in english language
beef, it just sounds so fucking stupid, especially compared to what it is in other languages
YeAH Gaming Congratz !
is that that huge though? They almost lost to what is a random ass pick up team
how bad is brazilian accent?
I mean it depends on the country tbh, you probably won't run into any issues in the US but you could definitely have an issue in Britain and the like
M4A4 OP?
chill its just really shitty bait
worst usa president
why Teddy and Johnson, also which Johnson
worst usa president
he was never supposed to be president and he fuck a lot of shit up. He ended the progressive era which was a period of huge social and economic reform that ended a ton of corruption and helped get mil...
worst usa president
Jackson or Wilson, Jackson fucked over the entire indian population and set the standard for political corruption and Wilson threw away millions of lives in ww1 because he refused to send troops until...
NA and Liquid flair
tbf liquid is still a damn good team and still a decent contender, they still held up pretty well towards the end of last year, and had everything not gone to complete shit , we'd probably see them in...
USP vs p2000?
I try to change it up once in a while, but I have a much nicer usp skin, so usp>p2k
Lost all my fucking money
I think its a combination of liquid themselves falling off and being out of form and other teams actually dedicating themselves to counter strating them
ENCE 10 losses in row
they should have way earlier, maybe as far back as the ice challenge, I don't think any other team could possibly deal with a group stage exit against teams like that