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yeah thats what i was thinking but idk who to replace on NXT, everyone seems to be pretty good
Depends how homesick he is but if he goes to na liquid or eg any day of the week -grim +rush and idk who is support in eg and if he wants to stay in eu maybe mouz, cant really think of any other team ...
complexity not going full danish i guess
yeah could be or then he spoke english and then the igl took the info
Peacemaker's agent
Peacemaker is a really good coach who brings a lot of experience from different teams
governments do, event hosters do, a ton of people do
his time in c9 wasnt the best but i think he could make it work in fnatic like he did in vitality because he has great players in fnatic and now that lans are nearing i think he could help them get go...
nah i think it is because from what i understood if he needs/wants to take a break when his child is born he can, i dont know if any other teams are willing to give him that
9.3/10 rn he is one of the best, maybe not fraggingwise but he does a lot of the dirty work alongside interz. he doesnt need to be the best fragger because he has 3 other good fraggers on the team
bruh 🤡🤡
Online cs or no cs?
yeah same here but in this current world it was pretty hard to host epl because malta is super strict about who comes in and who out
Online cs or no cs?
Online cs or no cs?
yeah but #7 they were arguing about epl 14 being online
Online cs or no cs?
Online cs or no cs?
yeah but some people are feed up with online cs
Online cs or no cs?
same but i atleast want online cs instead of no cs